Sunday, August 1, 2010


Phil put the photo of Nick’s in the position it was shown on the paper because at Phil’s point in his life and realising the values of life.

Cancer was shown as a number of irregular blood practicals in pallets, which were made to look unpleasant. You see it growing over time and this just would represent the spreading of the cancer.

In the photomontage we saw Nick living his life almost care free before he was given the news of his cancer.

the flashback we viewed was of Nick’s father and we find out about how his father died of cancer.

The photomontages are used for Nick because he is a photographer and they represent what he is thinking at that point in time.

Meryl threw the newspaper into the bin because she had become overwhelmed with all the deaths around her.

With the second meeting between Meryl and Nick it seemed to be awkward and they both seemed nervous.

As Nick moved down the street he saw images of dead pigs heads, flowers, meat in a store and a little boy in a wheel chair and was bald. This little boy affects nick because the little boy has cancer as well.

Meryl’s fears of death are continued to be shown at the pool, she saw a little girl not moving in the pool and she thought that she was dead, also in one of her animated things she sees herself being attacked and eaten by a shark.

The women at the pool who was reading the paper over the man’s shoulder is Andy’s ex-wife, she was reading an article that Andy had wrote.

Andy and nick both were dwelling on their own problems, Andy was angry with nick for the photos on the front page of the paper. Nick on the other hand was thinking about his cancer, he sees another man smoking and imagines him getting lung cancer, where as andy is thinking about how he got his girlfriend pregnant.

Nick sees a couple getting married on the other side of the oval, it relates to the title “Look Both Ways” because one persons worst day can be another’s best.

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