Sunday, August 1, 2010

More thoughts on Sunday

1. Why does nick have difficulty telling his mother he has cancer?
Because nicks father had died of cancer and he dint want to burden his mum with all the pain and heartache again, also he wants to protect her from all of that again .

2. Why is nicks anxiety about his diagnosis magnified by the memories of his own fathers struggle with illness?
It would of been magnified because nicks father did not survive his battle with cancer and nick saw how much pain and suffering he was in whilst he had cancer. This would of frightened nick and scared him.

3. ‘It doesn’t matter how he died. Your father’s death was not the sum of his life. It doesn’t matter how life ends, it matters how it was. I couldn’t give him my way of coping and you couldn’t give him yours. Everybody has to find a way to face their own death and life’. What does she mean? Do you think nick takes his mother words on board?
She means that death is a part of life and you should accept that it will happen one day. But also you should remember all the great things that have happened in your life. I believe nick takes his mothers words on board and this helps him with his fight with cancer

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