Sunday, August 1, 2010


1. The title of Look Both Ways uses a warning sign with shark and a train reflecting on different events that occur in the film. In the film the characters are seen to ‘look both ways ‘for example when Nick decides to have a positive mindset about his cancer and living his life to the full, not letting death get in his path.

2. The opening montage of camera shots suggests that, many dramatic events are to follow. The train is portrayed as something to be feared. The film has a strong basis around accidental death, as with the man who is hit by the train and nick who is struck by cancer.

3. Death is seen as a central; problem in the beginning of the film. ‘How will we die?’

4. Meryl witnesses the train accident whereas nick and Andy are news reporters and Julia is on her way home from shopping and see’s her husband.

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