Sunday, August 1, 2010


Phil put the photo of Nick’s in the position it was shown on the paper because at Phil’s point in his life and realising the values of life.

Cancer was shown as a number of irregular blood practicals in pallets, which were made to look unpleasant. You see it growing over time and this just would represent the spreading of the cancer.

In the photomontage we saw Nick living his life almost care free before he was given the news of his cancer.

the flashback we viewed was of Nick’s father and we find out about how his father died of cancer.

The photomontages are used for Nick because he is a photographer and they represent what he is thinking at that point in time.

Meryl threw the newspaper into the bin because she had become overwhelmed with all the deaths around her.

With the second meeting between Meryl and Nick it seemed to be awkward and they both seemed nervous.

As Nick moved down the street he saw images of dead pigs heads, flowers, meat in a store and a little boy in a wheel chair and was bald. This little boy affects nick because the little boy has cancer as well.

Meryl’s fears of death are continued to be shown at the pool, she saw a little girl not moving in the pool and she thought that she was dead, also in one of her animated things she sees herself being attacked and eaten by a shark.

The women at the pool who was reading the paper over the man’s shoulder is Andy’s ex-wife, she was reading an article that Andy had wrote.

Andy and nick both were dwelling on their own problems, Andy was angry with nick for the photos on the front page of the paper. Nick on the other hand was thinking about his cancer, he sees another man smoking and imagines him getting lung cancer, where as andy is thinking about how he got his girlfriend pregnant.

Nick sees a couple getting married on the other side of the oval, it relates to the title “Look Both Ways” because one persons worst day can be another’s best.


1. Given the two questions in the paragraph above, what do you think the title of the film ‘Look Both Ways’ is getting at? What sorts of things does the film want us to think about as we follow the lives of the characters in the film?
The title ‘Look Both Ways’ acts as a metaphor for life. It tells us not to only look one way, because something bad could be headed the opposite way.

2. What does the opening montage of camera shots suggest about the story to follow?
The opening montage of camera shots gives the audience a good idea of one of the main concepts in the film, that is, death. The film has cancer, accidental death, fear of death, and death on purpose.

3. What do you think is the central problem established in this opening?
The central problem established in this opening is death. How will we die? Death is inevitable, it is coming for all of us.

4. Why are Meryl, Nick, Andy and Julia at the scene of the accident?
Meryl was walking from the train station, after arriving home after attending her Father’s funeral.
Nick and Andy work for the local paper, Nick a photographer, and Andy, a journalist, and were at the scene of the accident to cover the story.
Julia was returning home from shopping, to find her dog near the train tracks. The police then explain to her that her partner, Rob has been involved in an accident, and was killed.


1. The title of Look Both Ways uses a warning sign with shark and a train reflecting on different events that occur in the film. In the film the characters are seen to ‘look both ways ‘for example when Nick decides to have a positive mindset about his cancer and living his life to the full, not letting death get in his path.

2. The opening montage of camera shots suggests that, many dramatic events are to follow. The train is portrayed as something to be feared. The film has a strong basis around accidental death, as with the man who is hit by the train and nick who is struck by cancer.

3. Death is seen as a central; problem in the beginning of the film. ‘How will we die?’

4. Meryl witnesses the train accident whereas nick and Andy are news reporters and Julia is on her way home from shopping and see’s her husband.

More thoughts on Sunday

1. Why does nick have difficulty telling his mother he has cancer?
Because nicks father had died of cancer and he dint want to burden his mum with all the pain and heartache again, also he wants to protect her from all of that again .

2. Why is nicks anxiety about his diagnosis magnified by the memories of his own fathers struggle with illness?
It would of been magnified because nicks father did not survive his battle with cancer and nick saw how much pain and suffering he was in whilst he had cancer. This would of frightened nick and scared him.

3. ‘It doesn’t matter how he died. Your father’s death was not the sum of his life. It doesn’t matter how life ends, it matters how it was. I couldn’t give him my way of coping and you couldn’t give him yours. Everybody has to find a way to face their own death and life’. What does she mean? Do you think nick takes his mother words on board?
She means that death is a part of life and you should accept that it will happen one day. But also you should remember all the great things that have happened in your life. I believe nick takes his mothers words on board and this helps him with his fight with cancer

Notes For Sunday

1.) Nick’s father suffered and died due to his cancer illness. After finding out that he himself got cancer as well, Nick was having a hard time deciding whether to tell his mother about it or not to protect her from getting hurt again.

2.) Nick witnessed his father’s suffering through cancer and therefore his memories of him made him feel more nervous about his diagnosis.

3.) What Nick’s mother meant by her words to him was that Nick should look into how his father lived; all the good things he has done when he was alive, not the time when he died. Nick took what she said on board and we can see this at the end of the movie where he goes out to the world and had fun.

4.) When Julia destroyed Meryl’s memorial, the viewers were given the impression that Julia feels like her privacy was being intruded by everyone (especially the media). She destroyed the memorial because she did not want anybody else to have anything to do with her and her husband’s death anymore. Julia made a memorial herself later on which served as a therapy which opened her to the next stages of grieving – healing and moving on.

5.) The scenes where the train driver’s son brought a drink to his father and when Phil was with his daughter gave us the impression that both of these characters (Phil and the train driver) are changing their views about their families. The train driver acknowledged that his son was growing up by giving him a glass of the beer that he brought, and Phil was happy that he was there for his daughter’s birthday.

6.) Cathy and Anna both challenged Andy to be a little bit more responsible regarding children. Though we see that Andy is glad to be with his kids, we still see him doing silly things such as giving them ice cream and junk foods even though Cathy had told him not to. This incident, as well as not taking responsibilities to his baby with Anna angered both women.

7.) The scene where Andy walked by Julia and Rob’s home was significant because it told us that Anna and Cathy’s challenge impacted on him. Andy must’ve been thinking about his actions in the past and is reflecting on those actions.

8.) Meryl was angry with Nick because she was dumped by him. She wanted to be loved by someone because she was feeling lonely after her father’s death, and here he was dumping her after doing all those things together. These things were said by Meryl herself in their argument.

9.) Meryl ran away because she was overwhelmed of what Nick had told him. First he dumps her and then he tells her that he had cancer. Having Meryl’s father die of cancer, she must’ve been experiencing a very complicated emotion.

10.) In the scene where Andy was standing on the railway, the viewers were given the impression that he was going to commit suicide. He must have felt hopeless and useless after thinking about his life.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


We have viewed the film Look Both Ways over a number of sessions and taken detailed notes about the characters, themes, ideas and values and how Watt has constructed meaning. Today we will post our notes about these things to create a bank of shared thinking that we can use as a study aid.

Your responses need to be in full sentences that put the question in the answer.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Look Both Ways Initial Viewing

After watching ‘Look Both Ways’ for the first time I was a bit disappointed because it seemed like it had been cheaply made and they had taken some shortcuts. I was especially disappointed in the ending, it seemed like it had brushed over some major points. The movie itself was quite boring and the characters were hardly enjoyable to watch.

The whole theme and story of the movie was the reaction to one man dying in a train crash. All of the characters are inter-related from this incident and all of the characters have their own depressing story. You have Nick suffering from cancer, Meryl’s apparent battle with some form of depression, Andy’s battle with not only himself but his wife and Anna about children, Anna with her unwanted pregnancy, Julie has to deal with the pain of losing her partner Rob, who was the man who died in the train incident and finally the train driver who must deal with the overwhelming guilt he feels after hitting rob on the tracks. All of these issues and problems dominate the story and it relates into the theme which remains very depressing and down cast throughout the entire film.

I think that the director’s main aim was to try and inter-relate the stories and the characters as much as possible. We see Nick and Andy as friends and co-workers share different relations, Andy’s ex-wife has trust issues and doesn’t like to leave her kids with him. Andy and Anna have children problems of their own and Andy’s kids attend his boss Phil’s Childs birthday party. Even the train driver and Julie’s story inter-connects when he comes to apologise for killing her partner. So you can see that the director has aimed to inter-relate the stories of all the characters.

As well as inter-relating the storylines another technique used by the director, is to include the actors thoughts in the form of photomontages, short cartoons or videos. Surprisingly even though it is an Australian film I hadn’t heard any of the songs in the film. I had however seen some of the characters before in shows like “Round The Twist”, “Playschool”, “Sea- change”.

As it was set in Australia it was easy to relate to. I could tell it was Australian because of the scenery. Details like road signs, roads, people and fashion all help detail the Australian culture and climate. Overall the movie appears to be quite sad dramatic and depressing. But it is in the end a story of survival with not only Nick apparently making a recovery from cancer but also the little girl from the Arnow hill train disaster. It is a sad journey but a journey of survival nevertheless.

By Brad