Sunday, August 1, 2010


1. Given the two questions in the paragraph above, what do you think the title of the film ‘Look Both Ways’ is getting at? What sorts of things does the film want us to think about as we follow the lives of the characters in the film?
The title ‘Look Both Ways’ acts as a metaphor for life. It tells us not to only look one way, because something bad could be headed the opposite way.

2. What does the opening montage of camera shots suggest about the story to follow?
The opening montage of camera shots gives the audience a good idea of one of the main concepts in the film, that is, death. The film has cancer, accidental death, fear of death, and death on purpose.

3. What do you think is the central problem established in this opening?
The central problem established in this opening is death. How will we die? Death is inevitable, it is coming for all of us.

4. Why are Meryl, Nick, Andy and Julia at the scene of the accident?
Meryl was walking from the train station, after arriving home after attending her Father’s funeral.
Nick and Andy work for the local paper, Nick a photographer, and Andy, a journalist, and were at the scene of the accident to cover the story.
Julia was returning home from shopping, to find her dog near the train tracks. The police then explain to her that her partner, Rob has been involved in an accident, and was killed.

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