Sunday, July 18, 2010


Segment 1: 'A bad prognosis' - Friday afternoon

The reason this segment has been labelled a bad prognosis is because it is when Nick found out he has cancer.

Segment 2: Accidental Meeting

Nick met Meryl. They met at the accident that Meryl witnessed. This was the death of Rob when he was hit by the train. Nick was at the scene of the accident as a photographer. This was Friday afternoon into evening. This begins a series of accidental meetings between Meryl and Nick. Fate, destiny.

Segment 3: Tragedy, despair, grief and art

This when Meryl's paintings begin to come to life. The stuff that Meryl is drawing represents how the characters' feelings can take on life - making them feel as though tragedy and despair are everywhere, inescapable. The characters have very fatalistic viepoints.

Segment 4: News report - Saturday morning

We see the newspapers being printed. Rob's accident is the front page news. This news creates a connection between all the characters - they are all aware of it. The viewer sees the different impacts on the charcters.

Segment 5: 'Godless' - Saturday midday

The best day of someone's life can be the worst day for another. Juxtaposition - losing cricket match to wedding. Nick was contemplating his cancer diagnosis - seeing cancer everywhere - flashbacks, photomontages, multiplication of cancer cells. He questions is there a God, asking Andy if he believes in God.

Segment 7: 'Death is everywhere' - Saturday afternoon to early evening

All the characters are contemplating death from some perspective. Anna - abortion. Meryl - Dad's death. Nick - Cancer, Jim's death from cancer. Andy - male suicide.

Segment 8: 'Synchronicities' - Saturday night

Nick and Meryl come together. Andy and Anna discuss their relationship. Making choices about being together.

Segment 9: 'Family Matters' - Sunday morning

Being left in or out of faily happenings. How close are the characters to their families? How well do they understand them. Love evident yet confusion, anger, pain, suffering.

Segment 10: 'Connectivity' - Sunday lunch to afternoon

The characters are linked together in many ways. Relationships - close and in passing - have the ability to profoundly impact on people. We see Meryl and Nick's bonds strengthening, even though negativley at this time.

Segment 11: 'Life - It's meant to be' - Sunday afternoon

Fate, destiny - some things like Meryl and NIck's relationship are meant to be. We can't stop negative, 'ghastly' things from happening to us, that's life. We can't understand why we have to go through some of these things, but often we come out the other side beter for what we have gone through. For example, Nick overcomes cancer and appreciates his life with Meryl.

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