Saturday, July 10, 2010

Look Both Ways - Initial Viewing Response

After watching the film Look Both Ways for the first time write a #reflective essay that explains your first impressions of the film. (Approx 300 words)

#Reflective writing is personal and often uses first person ‘I’. It presents the writer’s thoughts and ideas. It is a less formal style of essay than a text essay. It has a sense of ‘looking back’ on an experience and often details a ‘what have I learnt’ or ‘how I have grown’ from this experience aspect to it.

In your written response consider ideas such as:
What was your reaction to the film?
What was it about? What thoughts do you have about the plot? The Theme?
Who were the main actors? Had you seen them before? What impact did they have on you?
What about the soundtrack? Did you recognise any of it? How did it impact on you?
It is an Australian film. Where was it set? What did you notice that was particularly Australian?
How does it detail the Australian context?
How is it appropriate for an Australian contemporary audience?

It is expected that you type up a good copy and post or pigeonhole the response to your teacher. If you pigeonhole the response please name it Yr12LBW1yourfirstname.

(reference: Lukin, Karen, MSC, 2008)

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