Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Look Both Ways - Initial Viewing Comments

My first impression of the film Look Both Ways was it was a little strange and it didn’t really make sense at all. The film was about connecting people. It had a number of different characters which was a little confusing. The film showed how in life the different ways people’s path’s cross. The media played a large part in the film.

The movie starts off with a train ride and Meryl, an artist, in deep thought imaging death as her dad just died. She is working home and witnesses the death of Rob who was hit by a train. Meanwhile Nick was just diagnosed with cancer. He was a photographer for the local news paper. He and Andy, the writer for the local news paper were covering the story of the man killed; this is where Nick and Meryl first met.During the movie we see Nick and Meryl getting closer.

Andy the journalist is depressed and has 2 children, and one on the way to an Aboriginal nurse Anna. There are many characters in the movie all with different stories but they all relate to each other, we also met the train driver, Nick’s mother, Julia and others.

Death is the main theme it the film. The main actors were William McInnes who played the role of Nick, Justine Clarke who played the role of Meryl, and Anthony Hayes who played the role of Andy. I didn’t recognize any of the actors prior to the film but they have appeared in “Around the Twist”, “Play School” and “Sea Change”.
The film had a very effective sound track I thought, it created emphasis on what was happening in the film. It also uses photomontages and animations.
The making of the film took part in Adelaide.

By Erin

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